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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Laura NLaura N
Ash is honestly the best driving instructor! So calm and relaxed and has the ability to actually make driving fun and enjoyable!! Ash took away all the stress and fear I had built up about driving and showed me there was nothing to worry about. Thank you so much Ash, I really couldn't have passed without your help!! :-)

Jasmine JJasmine J
First time pass
Literally the best driving instructor, I was so shocked at how much I learnt in such a small amount of time passed 1st time so happy thank you so much Ash.

Verity CVerity C
First time pass
Passed first time today with ash, not only is he a amazing driving instructor but a awesome person!after a bad experience with first choice of driving instructor Ash managed to bring all my confidence and I was able to begin to enjoy driving! Will make you feel comfortable when driving as he's super chilled out. Always went the extra mile to help out with fitting my lessons in, having time before the test & taking time me to my test - just stuff that he didn't have to do and I'm sure many other instructors wouldn't! Really didn't need many hours and aced my test first time today - will be going back for motorway lessons and would 100% recommend to others, Thanks Ash!!

Clara WClara W
First time pass
I only wish there was a 10 * option here, 5 just aint enough. I need a car to be able to get out of my area where I live, due to a disability I can not walk far so quiet literally this man has not just changed my life or even just made my life better. He has GIVEN me a life, thank you again Ashley you truly are an amazing instructor. If you can teach this old dog new tricks you can do anything. So we'll done to you too, I will never forget the man who helped me achieve my independence thank you !!!

Louise SLouise S
First time pass
Ash is the best driving instructor. I never thought I'd get to where I am now. He made me feel calm and relaxed and made driving enjoyable! He's such a funny and laid back guy! Couldn't of asked for a better instructor! And I passed first time! Thank you so much Ash!

Jodie M
First time pass
I did 15 1/2 hours learning with ash and passed 1st time this morning and he genuinely is the nicest, calmest, friendliest person ever, I don’t think I would of ever passed with anyone else, ash is so good and knows it all, I would happily recommend anyone to Ash if they wanted to learn to drive. thank you for helping me to achieve my goal.

James KJames K
First time pass
I met with Ashley after being recommended to do so and I initially planned to spend money on 30 hours but Ashley told me that it wasn't needed and that he could teach me to pass within 20 hours. Low and behold here I am with a drivers license and for that I am grateful!